Ripple Plans To Expand Adoption – XRP Has Many Uses Cases Beyond Banking

Ripple seems to be exploring brand new ways to expand the adoption of its coin XRP beyond the banking sector.

During the PreMoney crypto conference in San Francisco, Ripple’s senior vice president of Xpring, Ethen Beard said that the company is trying hard to grow the XRP ecosystem via Xpring.

Broadening the XRP ecosystem

He said “With Xpring, we’re focused on the broader XRP ecosystem. Ripple, as a company, focuses on the Internet of Value – helping money move as easily as data. Our core business is ‘helping banks move money – mainly across the border’ and we’ve got great momentum there.”

He continued and explained that “At the same time, we think XRP and the XRP Ledger has a lot of use cases above and beyond what’s going on in the banking world. And so, with Xpring, we’re actually looking to identify, amplify, and help those projects take off and get off the board.”

The company launched Xpring in May with the main target of providing investments and grants to entrepreneurs that use XRP and the XRP ledger.

Ripple also said that the company is focused on investments in identity, trade finance, virtual goods, gaming, real estate, digital media, and more industries.

There are more investments that have been already made via Xpring, and these include SB Projects, Coil, Omni, and Blockchain Capital.

Ripple mentioned the fact that the company often hers from entrepreneurs and developers who claim that they would like to support it one way or another in order to help them with their XRP-related projects.

Their main plan is to help entrepreneurs in a meaningful way. Visa payment platform adds XRP

Speaking of XRP adoption, added XRP to its card payment app and wallet.

This is really great because the company is currently doing its best to launch Visa credit and debit cards that will allow users to spend crypto in all the places which also accept Visa cards.

This would mean a lot for XRP adoption.

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