Omni And Nexo Platforms Offer Support For Ripple’s XRP

Ripple‘s XRP has been gaining popularity lately, and two more companies have offered support for the coin recently.

Nexo provides support for XRP

Nexo says it’s the first and only crypto lender and the famous company has just provided support for XRP. Now, users can benefit from XRP-based loans via the platform. Here are the main features that users can currently enjoy on Nexo:

  • Users can deposit their crypto to their secure Nexo Wallet.
  • A loan will become instantly available, and there will be no credit checks involved in the process.
  • Users can spend their money instantly with their cards, or they can withdraw the money to their bank accounts.
  • It’s also important to mention that there are no minimum repayments required and users won’t have to deal with hidden fees either.

Omni launches XRP support

Omni is a sharing-economy platform that allows anyone to rent all kind of items in their home that they don’t use or need anymore.

Here’s how everything works: when someone rents your item, you will receive US dollars or XRP.

The company’s services are only available in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland as well, and it plans to expand its services in the near future.

Ripple works with the Bill Gates Foundation

Ripple has been more focused for quite a while now on helping the needy and the less fortunate via all kinds of involvements in such actions.

The Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation expanded the partnership with Ripple to make it easier to send money to less fortunate parts of the world that are not enjoying a robust infrastructure for payments.

The Foundation’s deputy director Miller Abel reported that they are working with Ripple and Coil to create an effective and faster way of sending donations directly to the people who need them.

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