The Tron Foundation And Software Giant Oracle Discuss A Potential Partnership

The Tron Foundation discussed with the world’s fourth largest software company in terms of revenue, Oracle.

They visited Tron at the headquarters in San Francisco, and the companies reportedly consider a potential collaboration.

Oracle might team up with Tron

Oracle was built in 1977, and until today it developed a reputation as a giant tech leader that is specialized in database management systems and software, enterprise software products and cloud engineering systems.

Oracle also announced it very own autonomous blockchain back in July this year.

“This offers an enterprise-grade solution for businesses to deploy the blockchain system without having to build an in-house service from the ground up,” Oracle Times reports.

The meeting with the Tron Foundation took place last Friday, and it seems that it was focused on how Oracle could be able to expand its goal of tokenizing assets on the blockchain and using smart contracts in business transactions.

Tron will start working with Chinese tech giant Baidu

Apart from this exciting meeting with Oracle, Tron also teamed up with Baidu, the Google of China.

Tron Foundation has already confirmed on Twitter that they are indeed working with the Chinese tech giant Baidu.

Rumors that the company would team up with the “Google of China” have been floating around for quite a while now.

And even if Tron did not use the term “partnership” in their announcement, the news was received with open arms by the whole community.

Tron might build a platform similar to YouTube

Following the outage issue that hit the most popular video-sharing website in the world, YouTube, Justin Sun might have something in mind.

They took to Twitter to express their discontent and Sun wrote that there has to be a decentralized platform similar to YouTube which is built on the Tron blockchain because it would definitely be able to prevent such issues from happening ever again.

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