Binance Launches Research Branch To Release Institutional-Grade Research Reports

Binance brings exciting news as they just launched an analysis division that will take care of conducting institutional-grade research reports. The largest crypto exchange in the world announced this on November 8.

The new analysis division is called Binance Research, and it’s set to prepare institutional-grade research reports with the primary aim of enhancing transparency and improving the quality of data in the cryptosphere.

This newly developed division has already conducted and published two detailed reports that are devoted to a decentralized blockchain that supports smart contracts, distributed applications, and a scaling solution for Ethereum, according to CoinTelegraph.

Binance introduced BCF

Binance Research is not even the first project coming fromBinance as back in October the exchange announced that they’d be donating all listing fees to charity.

They also said that they would allow developers to name that amount that they pay without demanding minimum fees.

The exchange created the blockchain-powered donation platform called Blockchain Charity Foundation. They used the donation platform in order to raise funds for victims in Eastern Uganda after floods and landslides.

The foundation is working to reduce the anomalies of listing fees for new crypto tokens. Only during the past month, the exchange started donating all of its listing fees to its charity branch.

Binance also invested in decentralized digital content ecosystem Contentos

Binance’s venture wing Binance Labs invested millions of dollars in October in Contentos.

This is set to develop a decentralized ecosystem that will provide users with transparency and content monetization without having to worry about annoying issues such as third-party censorship or any kind of content removal.

Binance, ranked as number one exchange

Binance is reportedly the number one spot in global crypto exchange rankings that have been released by the Blockchain Transparency Institute.

Their ranking chart brings exciting insights into the number of Binance users and trading volumes as well.

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