Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Tells Ripple & XRP Community To Convince Him To Add XRP As A Base Pair

The Ripple and XRP community of supporters were quite busy these days, trying to prove Binance CEO that he should add their favorite token to his exchange as a base pair. Here’s what happened.

Changpeng Zhao’s interaction with the Ripple and XRP community

It’s not a mystery anymore that the whole crypto community’s dream is to see their favorite coin ever, Ripple’s XRP added to Binance as a base pair.

Now on Twitter, Changpeng Zhao noted the massive strength of the XRP community, and he asked Ripple’s supporters to convince him why he would pair every coin that’s on the exchange with Ripple’s digital asset.

After XRP took over Ethereum as the second largest crypto in the world, now XRP investors are confident that Binance will or at least they say it should pair all of its coins with XRP.

Such a move could further detach the altcoins from Bitcoin’s price fluctuations.

What’s even more important is that if multiple exchanges add XRP as a base pair, traders could be easily able to use the speed of XRP to move value between exchanges.

As expected, Ripple and XRP community did not disappoint, and they flooded Zhao with thousands of retweets, replies, and likes.

Ripple celebrates new achievements

The latest addition to the list of Ripple’s partners is CIMB.

CIMB Group, the fifth bank in ASEAN adopts Ripple’s tech and enters RippleNet, the company’s network of banks.

This will allow the bank to provide its customers with instant cross-border payments.

Ripple said that the bank would use the blockchain technology in a part of the world in which Ripple’s technology could improve the speed and efficiency of transactions.

“Ripple’s blockchain-based solution has been deployed to enhance CIMB’s proprietary remittance product called SpeedSend. This service allows customers to send and receive money with direct account crediting and instant cash collection,” Ripple said.

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