Ripple’s Chances To Be Involved In The Future Of Payments Are Close To Zero, Says BTC Influencer Tone Vays

Tone Vays is a really popular figure in the cryptospehere, and the analyst has recently explained how the changes of Ripple becoming a part of the future of payments is only 0.0001%.

It’s a known fact that the crypto community is really attached to their favorite tokens and people would go to the moon and back just to argue and defend the digital assets.

Twitter is probably the most common space where online feuds regarding these coins are taking place.

Ripple’s future, not too bright

Jason Silbert has posted a tweet about his podcast with Tony Vays and David Silver on January 3rd. this date marked the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block i.e.

When people started to comment about the future of crypto and said that the future payments can definitely include Ripple, Tone Vays hopped in the comments section and said the following:

“No it won’t, and the chances of it being another Crypto like ETH, LTC or XMR are not 0 like Ripple but a tiny fraction above 0, let’s call it a 0.0001% chance. But feel free to lose all your money on this expectation.”

The commenter who rooted for XRP asked Vays what about the percentage for BTC and here’s what he answered:

“99.999% chance vs. all other crypto. Maybe 51% vs Fiat looking out 25 years.”

Ripple’s Cory Johnson foresees a great future for Ripple and XRP

Not everyone is so pessimistic about Ripple. Cory Johnson, for instance, is quite optimistic and foresees a great future for the company and their digital asset XRP.

Johnson believes that Amazon could benefit a lot from using Ripple’s solutions for cross-border payments.

He talked about this and also addressed the Ripple vs. SWIFT issue during the Cornell’s Entrepreneurship Summit in NYC.

He said that Ripple’s primary focus is to improve cross-border transactions and make them faster and less costly.

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