Ripple’s XRP Could Be On Its Way To New Weekly Heights And Enhanced Adoption Is Around The Corner

The crypto market is mostly in the green and Ripple’s digital asset is no exception. Currently, the token is priced at $0.330868 on CoinMarketCap.

Oracle Times writes that “According to crypto experts if there is a break above the $0.3360 resistance, the coin could extend gains towards $0.3500.”

In other words, this week we might get to see some much-awaited new heights for the token.

In other news, enhanced adoption might be also getting closer, as Dilip Rao, Ripple’s Head of Infrastructure Innovation Dilip Rap has recently discussed the importance of the MENA region for the company.

MENA region, adoption Ripple’s solutions

Rao said that the Middle East and North Africa is a region that’s adopting Ripple’s tech really fast. He stated that they are about to sign up with banks in UAE, Saudi Arabia and more countries such as Oman and Kuwait.

He also highlighted that regulato5rs and central banks are really looking with positivity at the company’s technology and blockchain in general.

“The enthusiasm of the regulator, the central banks to also encourage the use of Ripple technology to build new infrastructure for payment rails.”

Ripple to overcome SWIFT

In other news, there’s another recent achievement that highlights that fact that Ripple’s solutions for cross-border transactions are more effective, safer and cheaper.

Euro Exim Bank will start using Ripple’s XRP-powered product xRapid in Q1 2019.

Graham Bright, the head of compliance and operations at the bank, has recently told American Banker that it plans to use XRP in order to power payments across 80 countries to highlight the speed and efficiency of crypto.

It seems that one of the bank’s transactions got lost on the SWIFT network and this is one of the main reasons for which they decided to ditch the traditional payments system and try out more innovative solutions. And what better solutions for cross-border transactions can you find today besides Ripple’s?

Ripple‘s main goal is to overcome all the flaws and issues that the decade-old SWIFT has been dealing with, making cross-border payments flawless and instant.

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