Wyoming Could Change The Cryptosphere And Open The Doors To Mainstream Adoption: Bitcoin Could Get The Same Legal Status As Fiat

After 2018 which was a year governed by the bears in the crypto space, more experts have predicted that this year will be marking the mainstream adoption for crypto once and for all. And all these voices might just be right considering the latest reports.

Everything could start with the U.S. state of Wyoming. They have introduced new crypto legislation in the House that aims to bring legal clarity to the crypto space.

Wyoming to become financial heaven like Malta

With this new legislation, Wyoming plans to change things around and become a heaven for the crypto enthusiasts just like Malta has been for a while. Senator Ogden Driskill of the Wyoming 1st District said:

“The legislation, all taken together make Wyoming the Silicon Valley of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency of the nation and arguably—the world.”

Wyoming has already shown off the interest towards inviting blockchain businesses to the state. They passed two bills to regulate the crypto market.

More than that, it’s also worth mentioning that the massive exchange Coinbase has resumed its operations there after quite a long hiatus.

New rays of hope for the crypto community

According to Forbes, the things that are currently happening in Wyoming have triggered fresh excitement and hope for the whole crypto community. Bitcoin could be seen just as fiat currencies, receiving the same legal status.

The Winklevoss twins have also made a prediction about Bitcoin that could make the heart of any BTC enthusiast skip a beat.

They believe that BTC’s market cap could boost beyond $7 trillion and BTC is” better at being gold than gold.”

We’ll see what 2019 holds for Bitcoin’s price and market cap, but as you can see, for the moment even if 2019 has just begun, things are looking pretty positive, so this means that there’s room for more hope indeed.

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