Is 2019 The Ideal Year To Start A Crypto Business? What’s Your Best Bet?

Bitcoin’s price tag is currently far from its all-time high of $20k which the coin proudly sported back in 2017.

But, nonetheless, the interest in the crypto is still massive, and it seems to be growing on a daily basis as well.

2019 might be the year of mass adoption

Mainstream adoption is not here yet, but more voices in the crypto space have been predicting it since last year.

It seems that 2019 is seen as the year in which we’ll witness crypto mainstream adoption, and considering all that’s been happening lately in the cryptosphere, these predictions might be just right.

Mass adoption should allow fast and easy access to Bitcoin and other cryptos and what a better way to do this is there than via ATMs.

Bitcoin ATMs

Things seem to be going great in this direction, especially considering that New Yorkers can now buy BTC from traditional ATMs using their debit cards.

With a newly granted license from the New York regulator, LibertyX just became the first such licensee offering debit card Bitcoin purchasing options to residents in the Big Apple.

They teamed up with Genmega last year to launch the first BTC ATM in the US, extending BTC purchases to more than 100,000 ATMs in the country.

In order to be able to use a debit card, users will require a LibertyX account via the mobile application.

Holders of approved accounts will have the opportunity to purchase up wot $3,000 of BTC per day.

Investing in ATMs

If you do own enough money, Bitcoin ATMs could be the perfect choice for 2019.

CryptoDaily has a few pieces of advice and begins by saying that it’s imperative to know the ins and outs of your business.

With ATMs, you have to consider the cost of buying or renting a machine, the require price for installation, maintenance costs and rent for the location.

They also bring up the massive importance of the location of your ATMs. The best place would be a region which is convenient – this means a lot of traffic.

With all the things happening lately in the crypto space it’s probably safe to say that we’re heading towards mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and the blockchain tech.

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