Ripple Looks Into Gaming And Moves A Quarter Of A Billion Dollars Worth Of XRP In Seconds

Ripple doesn’t sit still at all these days, despite the bearish trend that still has a hold of the crypto market.

The latest moves of the company involve gaming on the blockchain and moving a lot of XRP in just a few seconds.

Sending massive amounts in seconds

Ripple sends a quarter of a billion dollars worth of XRP via two transactions that have been both completed in a few seconds.

Daily Hodl reports that the most significant transaction has been of $136 million and it was sent to the Bitstamp crypto exchange from Ripple’s OTC distribution wallet.

If you didn’t know, Ripple usually sends XRP institutions and exchanges.

The second transaction was of $114 million, and it was sent from a Ripple wallet to a mystery wallet.

Daily Hodl assumes that this could be Ripple moving funds in and out of escrow, selling XRP to a mystery entity or simply moving funds between its very won wallets for security reasons.

Ripple and gaming

Brad Garlinghouse recently revealed that there are a few games in development which are set to take advantage of XRP.

During a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ripple’s CEO said that gaming provides an amazing use case for blockchain.

“I think this is one area where maybe blockchain use is underhyped. I don’t talk that much about blockchain use in gaming. I think it’s incredibly interesting. Regarding which underlying blockchain is most efficient, that’s, I think, a question of speed and scale. I know there’s a couple being built on the XRP Ledger, and I think it’s going to be an exciting space to watch in 2019,” he said.

BeachHead 2020 is such a game.

The developers just revealed that they are currently working to build an immersive virtual world that allows players to trade in-game items using Ripple‘s digital currency.

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