Ripple, Circle, Gemini, And Coinbase Honored By Making It In Forbes Fintech 2019 List

As you all know, Forbes is one of the most notorious business names in the world. You can understand why to be included in a Forbes list is a true pride these days.

Ripple community can celebrate the fact the San-Francisco based company has been included alongside Coinbase, and Circle in the Forbes Fintech 2019 list.

Other essential names that made it into the list are Gemini, Bitfury and more besides the names that we already mentioned above.


The crypto exchange is an interesting addition in this list, according to CryptoDaily “given that through 2018 the exchange did come across a number of troubles. Thankfully though, their innovation and ability to recover has been recognized by Forbes, confirmation of this comes through the fact Gemini is one of the only crypto firms to make it onto this years list.”


The online magazine finds Ripple a more obvious choice to be included in such a prestigious list considering that they have really proven to be one of the most hardworking crypto companies back in 2018.

They also began 2019 in full force flaunting tons of achievements as you already know.

Maybe this is also the reasons for which around the company and its digital asset XRP, there are various mind-blowing predictions.

Massive XRP surge predicted

A recent theory has been reportedly published on, says UToday. It sounds too good to be true, and it claims that Ripple’s market cap could hit around $27 trillion.

UToday discusses the details that this suggestion is based on.

They claim that such a high number would be possible only if Ripple becomes the choice of all the cross-border payments that are being made by all the financial institutions.

“The daily value of all cross-border transactions around the world is $9.8 trillion, while $27 trillion is stored in cross-border, transnational accounts,” UToday notes.

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