Ripple Borrows PayPal’s Strategy To Boost Adoption Of XRP

Although Ripple’s digital asset has been affected by the 2018 bearish market, both the company and its XRP continued to make massive progress and enjoy more adoption together with the rest of Ripple’s products.

The company has been working hard to make robust moves towards mainstream adoptions, and this helped the digital asset remain relevant even in a bears’ world.

Ripple supports mass adoption with their latest move

The latest significant move that Ripple made towards boosting mainstream adoption of XRP is the launch of an accelerator program that’s supporting enterprise and commercial companies that are planning to join Ripple’s network of banks, RippleNet.

It’s a funding of $300 million in XRP which will be rewarded based on rebates in trading volume and XRP market adoption incentive, according to the latest reports coming from Smartereum.

According to the online publication, “With these volume rebates, members of RippleNet will be awarded a license along with an integration-fee rebate as soon as they reach the volume milestones. The rebates will be given based on the trading volume processed at the time of publication, and it would account for 50% to 300% of their first-year license and integration fees.”

The same strategy to boost adoption as PayPal

The program has the main goal of supporting XRP adoption and also to promote Ripple’s innovative services and products.

This was the very same strategy that PayPal has used in order to support adoption.

PayPal, the electronic payment giant, did this in order to promote its adoption during its early stages.

According to Smartereum, a source claims the test phase has been successfully completed.

Closing words

Anyway, Ripple is definitely walking the right path towards mass adoption. There are various reasons why it’s time to consider investing in its digital asset if you haven’t done this by now.

We’re curious to see whether 2019 really turns out to be the grand year of crypto mass adoption, just like speculations have been suggesting.

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