Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction 2019: Under What Condition Could ETH Hit $1,000?

We recently reported that ETH climbed on the second spot and took the place of Ripple’s XRP which was occupying it until recently.

The two coins have been battling for the second position, but other than that, the projects are different, and they are not competing with one another.

Over the past weekend, ETH was one of the major gainers in the crypto space, and it sits on the second spot at the moment.

Now, Smartereum offers us some insights into the 2019 price predictions for ETH.

First of all, they address the fact that Ethereum is not a simple coin, but it’s also a tech which manages to surpass our imagination.

“Most of the ICO’s are using Ethereum based Blockchain technology. This is also another reason why Ethereum is more likely to be long-lasting,” the online publication writes.

How high can ETH surge?

The same publication reveals that when ETH becomes more widespread and mainstream, that will be the moment which will mark a massive surge for the coin’s price.

They say that it will be easier to hit $1,000 all over.

Even if the price fluctuates, it will reportedly be able to hit the area of $1k.

Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin

After the crypto market reached its all-time high back in 2017, the central question of investors used to be whether to invest in BTC or ETH.

Both coins and projects have to be thoroughly evaluated in order to find the most accurate response. Applications, media coverage, market cap, and more such subjects must be addressed.

You can head over to Smartereum’s original article to find out more details regarding price predictions for ETH.

2019 seems to be a favorable year for ETH according to the latest predictions coming from various crypto experts. These have been detailed by CoinSwitch and their conclusion was that ETH could hit $1,400 by the end of 2019.

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