Ripple’s XRP Should Be Worth $10,000 Due To Its Design – New Evidence Of Undervaluation Surfaces

Ripple and its digital asset XRP have been making waves in the crypto space back in 2018 when the market was bearish, and now in 2019, they continue the trend.

Crypto mass adoption is approaching, and Ripple’s XRP is still keeping the headlines of many publications, triggering excitement among the community.

New price-related evidence surfaces

XRP enthusiasts have always believed that the coin is highly undervalued, and now more evidence is brought to light by Mark Philips, XRP and Ripple enthusiast.

ZyCrypto reveals that his belief is that XRP should be worth $10,000 and the proof lies in the token’s design.

Mark published a post on Twitter and then detailed an article on the issue on Medium, explaining everything.

XRP targets financial institutions

In his debate, Mark noted that XRP had been designed for financial intuitions and it’s a “viable replacement for the tedious conventional systems currently in use. As such, the crypto operational design offers better liquidity that overcomes the hurdles faced by price volatility,” the online publication reports.

This is mirrored by the digital asset’s fast processing times. The funds that are transferred are not changing their value during the transfer, and this is crucial in cross border transactions.

Divisibility and cheap transactions

The fact that XRP coins are divisible by massive number also shows that the purpose for which the coin has been designed is a much more significant one.

More than that, the market is currently expanding, there’s more need for liquidity, and this means a higher price.

“In that case, if all asset classes were to be incorporated within the XRP ecosystem, a single XRP coin would trade at roughly $11,000 to achieve the proper liquidity,” ZyCrypto reports.

The online publication also makes sure to highlight that it should not come as a surprise if XRP were to hit $10k sometime in the future.

The XRP enthusiast concluded by saying that the coin has been designed with 7.5 billion people in mind, meaning the world population.

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