Pay Content Creators With Ripple’s XRP On Coil’s Video Streaming Platform

Ripple and XRP have been in the spotlight a lot this year. It has been mostly due to various developments, achievements and enhanced adoption of Ripple’s products.

These days even XRP’s price is going up, so things seem that they couldn’t get better.

But it looks like Coil makes sure to boost Ripple’s XRP adoption even more with their latest achievement.

This will make content creators and XRP enthusiasts really happy. Coil just announced that they plan to launch a brand new live video streaming platform – Cinnamon.

This will be integrated with the Interledger Protocol which is also known as ILP.

Content creators can monetize their content with XRP

With the help of Cinnamon, the content creators will have the ability to monetize their content with XRP.

The official announcement also said that “The #XRP ecosystem is ever growing and expanding. Developed on the @Coil platform, @CinnamonVideo is the first ever video streaming platform that allows content creators to get paid by viewers without third-party services. #blockchain, #InternetofValue, #Xpring.”

The platform will allow consumers to support content creators and they will also be able to set how many ads they watch and more.

Feedback from the community

The feedback from the Ripple and XRP community is a really positive one, but some people have questions regarding censorship which need answers.

Someone posted ‘Hi, I make content on youtube and twitch. I would love to see if this would be a good fit. I play games on my of time and stream with some youtube video on games such as rust,pubg,apex,fortnite. Ill be on the lookout!  #xrparmy.’

Another follower said ‘I would love to cancel my @NetflixIndia subscription & sign up for you guys where I pay for what I watch.’

A person has an issue regarding censorship: ‘Please could you address concerns regarding censorship and free speech? For example, lately, conservatives have been pretty isolated on the big platforms such as YouTube, would you welcome users who are not your typical left-leaning creators? @Timcast @Styx666Official @Cernovich.’

An excited Twitter used said ‘Yay!!! I am curious to the rules of your services and what they contain. Will you be using specific censorship models like YouTube?’

This move will support XRP adoption as well as the overall crypto mainstream adoption.

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