Bitcoin (BTC) Will Never Drop To $3k Again And It Will Start Its Recovery In April, Predicts Crypto Analyst

Bitcoin predictions are many and varied, but the truth is that most of the latest ones have been all bullish.

The latest prediction which has just been mentioned by the online crypto publication The Daily Hodl is one that has been made by a crypto trader who goes by the name Galaxy on Twitter.

Never falling to $3k again

He recently told his 48,000 followers on Twitter that he believes Bitcoin will never dip to $3,000 again.

The user’s logic seems to be centered on the history of Bitcoin of hitting an all-time high, dropping 85% and then consolidating before it’s able to reach new heights again. In his opinion, BTC’s recovery will start in April.

He writes: “Although prices may appear to be random (to some), they actually create repeating patterns and trends. Observing this pattern makes April the last month of cheap $BTC. And now, of course, it will be cheap multiple times in the future, but never $3K cheap. $BTC.”

Community feedback

Not all followers agreed with this prediction.

Someone commented, “We should have the ability to buy at these prices until the end of September if history repeats itself.”

Another follower said “The cycle will be much longer this time. You didn’t take that into account.”

A Twitter user agrees to this positive prediction of Galaxy: “Fully agree. One year before halving the run starts. In halving period btc reaches the previous all-time high. End of 2021 pump. Cross fingers.”

Another recent Bitcoin-related prediction involves an important catalyst that could trigger a surge in price.

Fidelity US brokerage giant has just launched a new digital asset company which aims to serve hedge funds and family offices, and more exchanges will be used to make trades.

Smartereum notes that this important event will trigger a surge in price for Ripple’s digital asset XRP, Bitcoin (BTC) and in fact for the entire crypto market.

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