Ripple Is Boosting The XRP Ecosystem And Mass Adoption With Multi-Million Dollar Investments

Ripple’s moves are definitely taking XRP on the right path towards the massive goal of mass adoption.

In fact, the whole crypto space is hopefully moving in that direction this year.

Crypto experts have been predicting that 2019 will be a much better year for crypto since back in the bearish 2018 and mainstream adoption is one of the most important goals for now.

Ripple and XRP have been enjoying a lot of achievements this year, and they’ve been bagging partnerships and new listings like there’s no tomorrow.

These days, Ripple has been making enhanced efforts to push XRP towards adoption, and the latest such move involves the gaming sector.

Ripple and mainstream gaming

Xpring, Ripple’s investment arm and the blockchain gaming company Forte are preparing a $100 million fund that is going to bring the blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

The fund will be managed by Forte, and it will be used to integrate the blockchain technology and XRP into existing games. These flaunt more than 50,000 daily users, so it’s pretty impressive.

Xpring continues its investment spree

Xpring continues to invest in companies that can boost the XRP ecosystem.

Oracle Times just mentioned the investments in Kava Labs, Dharma Protocol, Raised in Space Enterprises and so on.

Ripple created Xpring back in May 2018 with the goal of offering investments and grants to entrepreneurs who will use the XRP digital asset and the XRP ledger.

Speaking of mass adoption, let’s not forget that XRP may be on its way to more than three million online stores.

Ripple’s digital asset is definitely making all the right moves towards mainstream adoption.

Wietse Wind wants to bring XRP in the middle of e-commerce, and for this, they created a bounty.

This is set to reach the developer who can build a plugin that can integrate XRP with WooCommerce which is used by 3.3 million websites these days.

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