XRP’s Huge Step Towards Mass Adoption: XRP Is Now Integrated With WooCommerce Which Powers 3.3 Million Online Stores

Ripple and XRP’s achievements seem neverending these days. One recent such success will definitely drive XRP closer to mainstream adoption.

You probably recall that a startup backed by Ripple recently revealed that they had grand plans regarding this tremendous goal.

Wietse Wind wanted to bring XRP in the middle of e-commerce. The company whose XRPL Labs recently received massive funding from Ripple has created a bounty.

This was set to reach the developer who can build a plugin that can integrate XRP with WooCommerce.

The news is huge because WooCommerce is used by 3.3 million websites these days and it’s one of the most significant payment platforms on the Internet.

The mission has already been accomplished

Just about two weeks after the news above, a developer called Jesper Walling managed to submit a completed payment gateway plugin that’s designed to allow WooCommerce users easily accept XRP as another payment option.

Wietse Wind reviewed the code and gave the developer the bounty instantly.

Oracle Times reported that “Users who have WooCommerce up and running also have the ability to download the plugin from GitHub and follow all the necessary instructions in order to be able to start accepting XRP.”

This is just another example of how Ripple’s efforts are boosting the XRP’s success. One of their main goals is mass adoption and with this latest move, the digital asset is definitely much closer to success.

Western Union is still testing Ripple

In other news, Western Union’s CEO Hikmet Ersek offered the latest update regarding a potential partnership with Ripple during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

It was reported that Western Union did not reach a conclusion regarding Ripple so far.

He said that they haven’t finished testing Ripple’s products and they haven’t figured out whether Ripple’s solutions can indeed enhance the company’s settlement system.

He also said that this is not bad news at all, and the partnership is still in the cards. On the other hand, they just need more time.

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