Bitcoin Bull Run Unlike Any Other Is Reportedly Heading Our Way, Triggered By This Catalyst

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin-related predictions have been flooding the crypto space.

An extended number of crypto expert voices are expecting to see a better year in 2019 in terms of prices for the coins, but also regarding mass adoption.

The most recent Bitcoin-related prediction comes from the EOS founder and CEO, Brendan Blumer.

He believes that BTC will become the number one commodity to store value and this also means that the day will come in which it will replace gold.

Gold has $7 trillion outstanding, and if BTC were indeed to replace it and its market cap were indeed to reach that amount, this would mean that 1 BTC would sport a considerable price tag of $333,333.

A powerful Bitcoin bull run is reportedly heading our way

Crypto investment company Morgan Creek Digital’s founder Anthony Pompliano said that a massive wave of institutional investors is on its way to the cryptosphere.

He said that this is the reason for which we’ll probably witness the most massive BTC bull run ever, unlike any other we’ve seen so far. He didn’t say exactly when we can expect this to hit us.

In a recent post, he said that crypto and the blockchain are extraordinary investment opportunities and they will become “one of the fastest growing sectors in the alternative asset management space in the next ten years.”

He believes that asset managers won’t be able to ignore digital assets in the future:

“As these firms begin to enter the space, many of them will choose to either (1) spend ungodly amounts of money on hiring talented and experienced crypto investors or (2) pay up to acquire asset management firms that specialize in blockchain and crypto.”

One essential thing that he made sure to highlight in his post was this: “The next bull market will be bigger than anything we have ever seen before.”

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