Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC To Reach $333,333

Bitcoin-related predictions have been flooding the crypto space since the beginning of the year.

Most crypto expert voices are expecting to see a better year in 2019 in terms of prices for the coins, but also in terms of mass adoption.

The great thing is that so far, most of these predictions we’re talking about have been quite bullish and this latest one that we’re bringing into the highlight is no exception.

BTC to replace gold and reach $333,333

The most recent Bitcoin-related prediction comes from the EOS founder and CEO, Brendan Blumer.

He believes that BTC will become the number one commodity to store value and this also means that the day will come in which it will replace gold.

Gold has $7 trillion outstanding, and if BTC were indeed to replace it and its market cap were indeed to reach that amount, this would mean that 1 BTC would sport a considerable price tag of $333,333.

More than that, after all the 21 million BTC have been mined, Blumer said that the crypto’s transaction fees would also increase, but there will be a solution to this issue. Scaling solutions such as the Lightning Network will be able to create cheaper options for transaction BTC.

Other positive Bitcoin predictions

Another recent Bitcoin-related prediction involves an important catalyst that could trigger a surge in price.

Fidelity US brokerage giant has just launched a new digital asset company which aims to serve hedge funds and family offices, and more exchanges will be used to make trades.

Smartereum notes that this important event will trigger a surge in price for Ripple’s digital asset XRP, Bitcoin (BTC) and in fact for the entire crypto market.

Another bullish prediction comes from the Winklevoss twins who are two Bitcoin billionaires and also the founders of Gemini Trust. During a recent conference in Texas, they said that there’s definitely huge potential in Bitcoin.

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