XRP Is Heading Towards Mass Adoption – Wietse Wind Has A New Initiative After The Integration In WooCommerce

Ripple and XRP are having a great year so far. We recently reported that more moves are being made to bring Ripple’s XRP closer to mass adoption. One such recent step is the integration of XRP in WooCommerce.

Wietse Wind wanted to bring XRP in the middle of e-commerce. The company whose XRPL Labs recently received massive funding from Ripple has created a bounty.

This was set to reach the developer who can build a plugin that can integrate XRP with WooCommerce, and after less than two weeks the developer came and resolved the job.

The news is huge because WooCommerce is used by 3.3 million websites these days and it’s one of the most significant payment platforms on the Internet.

There are also two new important listings that will definitely help boost XRP’s popularity and accessibility.

Wietse Wind has a new initiative to boost XRP

After the successful integration of XRP in WooCommerce, Wind thought that it would be really helpful to create even more projects that are centered on making XRP a mainstream option all over the globe.

He announced on Twitter that he’s expecting more similar propositions and he will be ranking the new projects.

These will be presented to the Ripple and XRP community for funding. His announcement was made on Twitter and included the top initiatives.

  • Streaming XRP micropayments for software licenses
  • Integrating XRP tipping with Stack Overflow
  • Bringing XRP to e-commerce giant Shopify

Ripple has also been making a lot of efforts lately to push in products to mainstream adoption, and it seems to be working. More financial entities are using xRapid these days which is powered by XRP for instance.

2019 is expected to be a better year for crypto in terms of prices but also in terms of mass adoption, and so far, things are going great in the crypto space.

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