An XRP Payments App Is In The Works And Set To Launch On App Store & Google Play

There’s no doubt that XRP is rapidly heading towards mass adoption with an increased number of achievements and new listings.

The most important listing is on Coinbase, but the digital asset has also seen other steps towards mass adoption.

For instance, XRP has been implemented in WooCommerce which is powering 3.3 million online stores and the coin also got integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

In other words, people can now send XRP via email even if the recipient does not have an XRP address. All these moves are supporting extended adoption of Ripple’s digital asset.

Now, there’s another move that’s being made in this direction, and it involves the same Wietse Wind, XRPL Labs founder who took care of the Gmail and Outlook implementations as well.

A PoS prototype is up and running

Now, it has been revealed by Oracle Times that a prototype of a PoS is up and running and it will be tested soon in The Netherlands.

The app is called XRPay, but its name will probably be changed.

XRPL Labs’ founder Wietse Wind says that the company is planning to launch the app on both Google Play and App Store in the near future.

This would definitely mean a lot for the whole goal of XRP enhanced adoption. The XRP Army of fans received the news with enormous enthusiasm, and some users have even told Wind that it seems that he’s doing more for XRP adoption that Ripple itself.

“You know, I have the feeling that you do more for the XRP than the whole Ripple Co. One day the community will raise a statue for you. Thx Bro, we shall win,” the Twitter users wrote.

Wind responded and said that he’s also happy with what Ripple is doing as well.

All the steps taken by Ripple and XRP point to the same successful direction – mass adoption.

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