Coinbase Choosing XRP Over Bitcoin (BTC) Triggers A Debate About The Possibility Of XRP Becoming The Standard  

We keep repeating that Ripple and XRP are definitely riding the wave of success these days and there are more achievements which support the claim.

The XRP Army of fans already knows which these are. We’re referring at various partnerships and new listings for the coin, besides some enhanced interest in Ripple from huge names.

Let’s take Coinbase’s latest move for instance. We recently reported that Coinbase basically says that XRP is the ideal choice for sending money across borders.

They just chose XRP and USDT for this, and the move sparked confusion among Bitcoin fans.

XRP over BTC

Coinbase could have chosen BTC, but they went with XRP which is very important to note.

ZyCrypto debates the reasons for which the popular platform might have chosen Ripple’s digital asset.

It’s essential to mention the fact that they eliminate from the start the idea that Ripple paid its way to Coinbase.

Their debate ends with “Coinbase’s choice of XRP is not an indication that it is superior to Bitcoin or that “it is the standard,” but rather because payments are its strong suit and it should be used in that area to make life better which is the goal of the blockchain technology.”

Huge names are currently interested in Ripple

Regardless how many haters XRP and Ripple have, Ethereumworldnews mentioned that you just could not ignore the massive names which are interested or involved with Ripple: The White House, WorldBank, Federal Reserve, IMF, and central banks.

It’s also worth noting that just recently, the Japanese financial giant SBI revealed that there are 13 more banks which are investing in MoneyTap – the company’s mobile payments app which is powered by Ripple.

These 13 new clients also include Japan’s largest ATM provider which has more than 25,000 ATMs across the country.
Anyway, even if XRP will not become the standard soon, it definitely has a successful path.

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