XRP Price Prediction And Adoption In 2019: Technical Indicators Show Bullish Tendencies

Ripple and XRP have been in the spotlight a lot this year and for all the right reasons. Ripple has been boosting the digital asset in order to trigger mainstream adoption for the crypto, but its price is still not mirroring the huge success that XRP has regarding adoption.

You may recall that there have been a lot of price predictions for XRP for 2019 which have been bullish.

Remember that Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of SBI Virtual Currencies, he has been bullish regarding a $10 for XRP.

XRP in ten years from now

Smartereum also made some pretty exciting predictions for the price of XRP ten years from now.

We were reporting that a lot of experts who were reluctant to make a price prediction that would surge higher than $500 a token.

Smartereum suggested that the usually conservative experts are claiming that XRP could reach up to $1,000 a coin in just a few years.

As you can imagine, this triggered huge excitement in the community and there are more potential investors who feel that XRP might be the best investment choice for 2019. The overall sentiment is definitely a positive one.

Weiss Ratings said that XRP is the best coin in terms of tech an adoption as well.

Bullish tendencies for XRP

The online publication UToday says that XRP’s price will be the most stable in May. Despite the recent Binance hack or the important partnerships that Ripple has been bagging, the price of XRP remains pretty much the same, not surging and not falling too much these days.

But UToday says that “a possible breakout may happen in the middle of May when bulls break the $0.31 resistance zone.”

They also bring up the MACD and the fact that the technical indicator is located in an uptrend which shows bullish tendencies. You can read their forecast to learn more.

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