XRP To Enhance Adoption After Ripple Expands xRapid

Ripple and its digital asset XRP have been doing great so far this year and especially after the recent bulls, the price of XRP is expected to be boosted even more and mirror the company’s achievements.

You may also recall that XRP was integrated into WooCommerce, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Even a Skype integration could be in the cards.

Regarding the price of XRP, the last few months have not been that easy for the coin, as it has been lingering at about $0.30 for quite a while, but during the bulls, the coin managed to surpass the $0.40 level.

XRP to hit $1

It was also reported that XRP is expected to hit $1 sooner rather than later.

Investinblockchain, for instance, believes that for XRP to surge to the $1 target, “the cryptocurrency will need to increase by a whopping 134% from today’s price. The last time Ripple was at $1.00 was during February 2018, over 15 months ago.”

They continue and present some relevant charts while highlighting the most important areas of resistance that are on the way up to $1.

Ripple is expanding XRP

Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that the company is working on expanding xRapid. Now, the product is live in Argentina and Brazil.

Garlinghouse just revealed that there are some brand new corridors open.

“People are getting liquidity that exists in the marketplace in local regions between XRP and the Philippine peso, XRP and the Argentine peso, XRP and the Brazilian real. And it’s tapping into that liquidity that exists in the marketplace,” Garlinghouse said.

XRP was in the news lately again after an important name in the space addressed the issue on whether XRP is a security or not.

Seth Lim is a Japanese investor in crypto, and he’s also known in the crypto space as the XRP Whale. The man said that XRP is not a security.

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