Ripple Vs. Bitcoin: XRP Can Reportedly Fix BTC’s Flaws

Ripple and XRP have been praised by a lot of important names, financial institutions and more along the way.

This was mostly due to the fact that Ripple has been working really hard in order to overcome the flaws that are plaguing the traditional payments system SWIFT.

Ripple is able to ensure faster, cheaper, and safer transactions, and this triggered a lot of praising for the company’s products.

Ripple is appreciated again, and this time the Coil CEO is involved.

XRP can fix things that don’t work for BTC

Stefan Thomas is the CEO of Coil, and he recently said that XRP could fix a lot of things that are not working very well for Bitcoin. He’s been an early BTC advocate and nack in 2012 he joined Ripple, becoming the firm’s chief technology officer.

He recently had an AMA on Reddit, and he highlighted the strong points of XRP.

Thomas revealed that this dream was to bring crypto to the mainstream:

“My dream was to make crypto-currency mainstream, so in 2012, I joined a startup called Ripple. I told them that I wanted to be a coder only, and not a manager,” he wrote.

He continued and told Redditors, “Eight months later, they made me CTO. While I was there, we built a blockchain that is 200x faster, 1000x cheaper, and vastly more energy-efficient than Bitcoin. The underlying cryptocurrency, XRP, is now the third-largest in the world.”

XRP, the main crypto in the space?

At one point, he was asked whether XRP can become the main digital asset in the space and he answered:

XRP fixes a lot of the things I didn’t like about Bitcoin. The energy usage, geographic centralization, transaction delays, etc. And it has enough support to challenge Bitcoin. But markets aren’t always rational, so who knows how it will all play out.”

Ripple and XRP continue to enjoy a lot of success and all this is expected to be mirrored by XRP’s price as well.

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