Ripple And XRP Are Set To Change Money Transfers At A Global Scale

Ripple And XRP are having the best year, marking various achievements and gaining increased recognition.

XRP will revolutionize cross-border payments

President of Japanese banking giant SBI Holdings just said that Ripple and XRP would reshape the cross-border payments globally.

Online publication the Daily Hodl cited data from Coin Post and noted that in the latest update on the future of SBI Holdings, CEO Yoshitaka Kitao said that crypto would boost the speed of international remittances and the costs involved would be much cheaper.

“I became a director of Ripple, which is managing XRP. We will develop the remittance business all over the world thoroughly. In addition to DLT’s distributed ledger technology, XRP will allow money to be exchanged around the world faster and at a lower cost.”

Can Facebook coin eliminate XRP from the game?

The Daily Hodl also reported that these comments mentioned above come after crypto influencers such as Max Keiser and more experts have said that Facebook‘s stablecoin would hold the ability to eliminate the need for Ripple’s digital asset.

It’s also important to mention that Ripple CTO David Schwartz responded to these claims.

He highlighted that they show a fundamental lack of understanding of how XRP works and whoever believes such claims are ignoring XRP’s advantages over Bitcoin’s.

“I love opinions about XRP that don’t show any evidence of having any understanding of XRP. This is just bitcoin minimalist thinking that there’s bitcoin and everything else.”

XRP can fix BTC’s flaws

Speaking of XRP and BTC, it was recently reported that Stefan Thomas, the CEO of Coil, recently said that XRP could fix a lot of things that are not working very well for Bitcoin.

He’s been an early BTC advocate and nack in 2012 he joined Ripple, becoming the firm’s chief technology officer.

He recently had an AMA on Reddit, and he highlighted the strong points of XRP.

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