Ripple’s XRP Is About To Skyrocket As Bitcoin (BTC) Races Towards $10,000 – Facebook’s Libra To Trigger The Bulls

Yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) started racing again and made the crypto enthusiasts happy and excited.

A few hours ago, BTC was able to finally reach a new yearly high when it hit $9,768.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green on CMC, and the most important digital in the crypto market is priced above $9,715.

Crypto analysts are predicting that the FOMO starts to kick in if BTC can break the psychological level of $10k. Considering how close BTC is, we cannot wait to see what happens after the most important coin in the market breaks the level.

Facebook’s Libra to trigger bulls

Facebook’s Libra has been in the spotlight, and it caused great hype in the crypto community. It’s said that this is definitely one of the catalysts that trigger such a price surge for BTC.

A few days ago, Tron’s Justin Sun said that Libra will cause FOMO and will bring bulls into the market and he might be right.

XRP of the verge of a breakout

In such an intense scenery with an overall positive sentiment, XRP is also expected to surge.

As you know, Ripple eventually teamed up with MoneyGram and the news is huge for both parties involved.

As expected, Ripple enthusiasts and the XRP army of fans are celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.

UToday just reported that a crypto trading expert claims XRP investors should be ready for significant gains.

It also seems that technical indicators look more than bullish for the token.

UToday writes, “The traders are about to witness a major breakout confirmation in the form of a golden cross. Once XRP forms this bullish pattern, the sky’s the limit – it could go as high as $3.30, thus retesting its current ATH.”

The analyst also points out that XRP’s upcoming rally could be boosted by another surge of Bitcoin.

BTC is rallying while we speak and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for XRP. Experts are waiting for the coin to hit the $0.5 level.

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