Ripple Kills SWIFT Partnership Rumors At The Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’s Annual Conference

Earlier this month, Ripple revealed that they plan to attend the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’s annual conference aka SIBOS.

This triggered lots of rumors claiming that there’s a potential partnership in the cards, considering that SWIFT is Ripple’s competitor in the market that it’s targeting.

Ripple and SWIFT partnership?

Anyway, Ripple’s attitude towards SWIFT has been proven more than once in the past, and more executives from the company made it very clear that they want to take over the market, not to team up with SWIFT.

This did not stop the XRP community on Twitter to continue spreading rumors which kept claiming that a partnership between the two is on its way.

Marcus Treacher, the Global Head of Strategic Accounts at Ripple, said in a tweet from the conference:

“Swift at sibos today: “The benefits of DLT are promising, but delivering it is still years away.” There are over 100 financial institutions with access to instant payments across 40 countries and six continents who would say otherwise.”

This was a reference to RippleNet that has already reached across 40 countries. They plan to create a seamless network for payments all over the world known as the Internet of Value.

Treacher also tweeted the following:

“New McKinsey Global Payments Map suggests leading banks are moving away from POCs and using blockchain at scale. @Ripple’s #blockchain allows for faster time to market and better global payment services.”

Ripple’s XRP becomes more popular

Ripple’s digital asset also gained popularity lately, and two more platforms added support for the crypto.

Nexo says it’s the first and only crypto lender and the famous company has just provided support for XRP. Now, users can benefit from XRP-based loans via the platform.

Omni is a sharing-economy platform that allows anyone to rent all kind of items in their home that they don’t use or need anymore and when someone rents your item, you will receive US dollars or XRP.

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