Payments Giant Western Union Gets Ready For Crypto Mass Adoption, Tests Ripple’s Products

Western Union comes with a really exciting announcement for the whole crypto space. They’re reportedly getting ready for crypto mainstream adoption.

Payment platforms to keep up with innovation

During a new interview with Analyse Asia, general manager of Asia Pacific, Molly Shea revealed that customers should expect to see massive efficiency in this innovative digital age that we’re living in.

She also said that payment platforms would need to do everything possible in order to stay ahead.

“Our customers really expect seamless, connected service. Not just fast. They’re expecting everything to be as fast as what they’re getting with all the other digital apps they have,” she said.

She continued and explained that “So we’ve got to be able to stay ahead of that and foresee what their expectations are going to be and drive the remittance market to that, as their needs have and as wallets have been evolving. We have to be there.”

Shea also said that mass adoption is right around the corner and everyone has to get ready for it especially regarding the new technology. More precise regulation should be prepared as well.

Western Union is testing Ripple’s products

Shea confirmed that the company is testing Ripple’s great products for cross-border payments and the most popular one is xRapid which is powered by XRP.

This comes after back in June 2018, Western Union was not yet convinced of the benefits of Ripple’s solutions.

Speaking of the San Francisco-based company, we recently reported that Ripple decided to wave goodbye to its Chief Market Strategist Cory Johnson.

The news triggered a lot of curiosity among the Ripple and XRP community.

EthereumWorldNews tried to figure out what are the real reasons behind what happened and they addressed some potential scenarios.

“Can this also be part of their negotiation with the SEC and they are slowly and surely eliminating the Marketing Department as XRP chart towards being classified as a “utility” just like ETH and Bitcoin is?”

These are indeed essential questions, and we hope to find the answers soon.

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