Worldwide Mobile Credit & Viber Can Now Be Top-Ups With XRP

XRP Army of fans and also Ripple enthusiasts have been celebrating a lot because their favorite digital asset has been gaining more adoption.

The truth is that one of Ripple’s plans for 2019 is to support and boost the mass adoption of XRP and it seems that it’s working.

You should recall that XRP was integrated into WooCommerce which is a platform that powers about 3.3 million online websites.

Another significant thing worth mentioning again is that the coin got integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail for making micro-payments was another huge achievement.

More than that, this whole hype made the XRP community eager to try and convince the Skype team that XRP should be integrated into Skype.

Uquid startup made the XRP community happy the other day when they announced that customers would have the ability to pay with XRP.

This is definitely one more step ahead towards the great goal of crypto mass adoption.

Ripple, Viber and Worldwide Mobile Credit

Investinblockchain recently revealed that Ripple is working with Viber and Worldwide Mobile Credit to allow users to top their mobile credit with XRP.

This movement will be supported by 600 operators from 150 countries and as you can see this is a pretty massive achievement in terms of expanding the adoption of XRP.

Ripple enjoys more support these days from extremely important names, and all this is definitely leading to the mass adoption of the digital asset XRP.

Also, Ripple’s cross-border products are gaining expanded recognition these days.

One of the goals that the San Francisco-based company has is to patch the traditional payments system’s flaws.

SWIFT has been used by banks and financial institutions for decades, but more people admit that it’s outdated and they choose to go with Ripple’s solutions for cross-border payments. These offer faster, more secure transactions with low fees.

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