XRP, The Best Altcoin In The World? This Is What Experts Say

Ripple’s digital asset, XRP is without a doubt one of the most popular coins out there, regardless of the haters and naysayers.

But the last few months have not been that easy for the coin, as it has been lingering at about $0.30 for quite a while. Just a few days ago, the currency exploded and managed to hit the $0.40 level, triggering tons of excitement among the XRP army of fans.

It’s also important to note that in just 24 hours, XRP managed to surge by 20%, and this number is higher compared to any top 100 coins in the crypto market.

Investinblockchain publication notes some of the resistance levels that XRP/USD needs to overcome before being able to reach the target area at the $0.50 area. You can check out their prediction in the original article.

If Bitcoin hits $100k, XRP will reportedly have the most to gain

Smartereum, the popular online publication which makes some pretty interesting predictions in the crypto space is now back with a brand new bold forecast.

They cite experts saying that if BTC managed to hit the level of $100k, XRP would be the digital asset that will witness the most gains.

They mention an article on Etehreum World News and the bold predictions that its author made.

XRP is not only fast, but it’s also still an extremely affordable coin. They note that since investors are looking for more ways to diversify their portfolios, XRP may definitely be one of their best options at the moment, while it’s still cheap. The reason that they bring up is that the coin had the necessary strong fundamentals to back it.

Bold predictions in the crypto space – XRP is reportedly the future of crypto

Smartereum also brings up a popular member of the cryptocurrency community, Max Keiser.

He reportedly said that the current bull run is just the beginning.

According to him, FOMO coming from institutional investors will lead to a more significant surge in the price of Bitcoin and XRP as a whole.

The online publication also brings up another prominent member of the crypto community, XRP NEO who said that XRP is the future of altcoins:

“I hope Bitcoin goes to $100k. I wonder what the transaction times would be? What would the fees be? The attention would go to the fastest and cheapest. Human psychology. XRP will be the solution. It’s that simple. Most people have to experience the difference.“

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