XRP Price Surge On The Way? Ripple Plans To Penetrate The Chinese Market

Ripple has been working really hard lately to move closer to mass adoption and to expand the reach of its products.

The company has already managed to establish themselves globally, and the best thing is that this was possible in 2018 which we all know it was a nightmarish year for the crypto markets.

Ripple, to enter the Chinese market

Ripple has its eyes set on the Chinese market these days, and it plans to penetrate it via its partnership with Tsinghua Univerity, Smartereum notes.

THUIFR academic institution works on policy advisory exchange, research, innovative incubation, and cooperation in FinTech.

Ripple and THUIFR are preparing to launch a blockchain tech program

The two entities are working to launch a blockchain tech research scholarship program for Chinese graduate students.

This is highly important especially considering the situation in China with tight regulations. But it seems that the country still decided to join the blockchain revolution.

“I think this program is going to promote future research into blockchain technology and career development in this field,” the director of international cooperation and development at THUIFR, Ivy Gao stated.

“The goal of the program is to give Chinese students the opportunity to learn about blockchain research. It is in line with our global university blockchain research initiative. We, at Ripple, are happy to support this endeavor as we look forward to the launch,” Eric Van Miltenburg, the SVP of Ripple’s global operations said as reported by Smartereum.

XRP price surge getting closer?

Ripple penetrating the Chinese market is expected by some to trigger a price surge, but this might not be enough for such a thing to happen.

Most likely, it will bring Ripple more popularity and enhanced adoption. The thing is that as xRapid uses XRP, entering the Chinese market will affect the token’s exposure there but not too much.

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