SBI Holdings CEO Believes Ripple’s XRP Is The Ideal Global Standard

Ripple’s achievements cannot be denied, and the company continues to walk on the successful path that it took a while ago. More companies and also supporting Ripple’s products and their adoption.

Ripple itself is obviously the biggest supporter of XRP, and the latest move that the company made is quite similar to something that PayPal did in its early stages.

Ripple borrowed PayPal’s strategy

The latest significant move that Ripple made towards boosting the mainstream adoption of XRP is the launch of an accelerator program that’s supporting companies planning to join Ripple’s network of banks, RippleNet

The program has the primary goal of supporting XRP adoption and also to promote Ripple’s innovative services and products.

This was the very same strategy that PayPal has used to support adoption.

PayPal, the electronic payment giant, did this to promote its adoption during its early stages.

Ripple and R3 support XRP

SBI Holdings just said that Ripple and R3 are using XRP and even if they’re using the digital asset in different ways, the primary goal is the same: reshaping the way how value can be sent across the globe.

A new financial report coming from SBI details the ways in which Ripple can change the current economic system.

R3’s new Corda Settler’s primary focus is currently to expand beyond the world of traditional finance by providing more companies the chance to use smart contract blockchain technology to move money all over the world.

SBI CEO Yoshitaka Kitao recently talked about the massive impact that Ripple and R3 can have on international payments, and he also made sure to address the future of SWIFT.

He basically said that the traditional payments system has run out of options.

Ripple is SWIFT’s main competitor, and the company has been working really hard to eliminate the traditional payments system’s flaws.

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