Ripple & XRP For The Win: XRP Surges In 2019, Says Internet Giant Survey – Potential Catalysts

Ripple and XRP are still making headlines, and now it’s due to enhanced popularity which triggers bullish predictions.

Japanese Internet giant GMO which is the operator of crypto exchange GMO Coin has just released the results of a new web survey from January 30 to February 20.

XRP’s price to boost to the moon this year

The survey targeted 10,964 users, and it revealed that 50% of the respondents have said that XRP is the crypto which will rise in price in 2019, as reported by Oracle Times.

It’s also important to note that a study that has been released back in 2018 by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) in 2018, there are 3.5 million Japanese crypto traders.

XRP’s latest achievements could become catalysts for a price surge

Ripple has been making enhanced efforts to support the adoption of XRP. Mass adoption could definitely trigger a rise in the coin’s price.

One huge step towards mass adoption was the integration with WooCommerce.

If you recall, Wietse Wind wanted to bring XRP in the middle of e-commerce and created a bounty.

This was set to reach the developer who can build a plugin that can integrate XRP with WooCommerce.

Jesper Walling managed to submit a completed payment gateway plugin that’s designed to allow WooCommerce users easily accept XRP as another payment option.

WooCommerce powers 3.3 million online stores so you can imagine what this massive number means regarding mainstream adoption of XRP.

Wietse Wind lent his support to a project that plans to bring XRP payments to Microsoft Outlook.

The integration of the XRP Tip Bot’s API into the mail app, as an add-on, is in the works at the moment.

So, you’ll be soon able to send XRP via email to anyone you want because the receiver doesn’t even have to own an XRP address.

These are just the latest grand moves of Ripple and XRP towards higher levels of success.

It’s no wonder that experts say that now is the time to invest in XRP. There are plenty of catalysts that support a price boost soon.

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