XRP Integration Into Skype Is A Possibility, Says Weiss Ratings

The XRP Army of fans and Ripple enthusiasts as well have been having the best 2019 so far with their two entities gaining more success, recognition, and adoption as well.

It was already reported that one of Ripple’s plans for this year is to support and boost the mass adoption of XRP. Things seem to be going in this direction so far.

You should recall that XRP was integrated into WooCommerce which is a platform that powers about 3.3 million online websites.

Another significant thing worth mentioning again is that the coin got integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail for making micro-payments was another huge achievement.

Uquid startup made the XRP community happy the other day when they announced that customers would have the ability to pay with XRP.

This was definitely one more step ahead towards the great goal of crypto mass adoption.

XRP could be integrated into Skype

Weiss Ratings is a financial asset rating agency, and they recently turned on the hype among the XRP and Ripple fans when they tweeted that XRP integrated into Skype is something that could happen soon.

Weiss Ratings is an essential player in the crypto space, and that’s why what they predict is usually taken seriously.

They tweeted that Microsoft’s communication app Skype could be integrating Ripple’s digital asset into the platform to allow users to make micropayment via the XRP TipBot. This is how the Gmail and Outlook integrations work as well.

Previously, the XRP community got eager to try and convince the Skype team that XRP should be integrated into Skype.

One user said that Skype responded and they said that they would be considering this.

All of this has made the XRP fans really excited, and they’re waiting to see if this further step towards mainstream adoption becomes a reality as well.

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