You Can Use Ripple’s XRP In 4,500 Stores

One significant move that Ripple made towards boosting the mainstream adoption of XRP is the launch of an accelerator program that’s supporting companies planning to join Ripple’s network of banks, RippleNet

But XRP adoption is boosted even more by the latest important move that took place in the crypto space.

CoinGate launched support for XRP

Crypto processor CoinGate launched support for Ripple’s digital asset, and this means that XRP will now be accepted in 4,500 stores around the world.

CoinGate Lithuania-based crypto payments company was created back in 2014, and it provides an extensive range of blockchain-focused services for both individuals and businesses which include automated payment processing and brokerage services.

The platform users PrestaShop e-commerce platform.

Besides XRP, CoinGate supports more tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Litecoin, and Tron.

Ripple is hiring

Ripple is also focused on hiring developers who can help its customers integrate the company’s products, xRapid, and xCurrent.

Ripple’s director of talent Jim Chauncey-Kelly, the new hires are vital as the company builds strategic partnerships around the world.

“Right now, roles that I’m thinking of that are quite critical are integration engineers. That role essentially helps our customers on-site implement our products globally.”

Ripple’s job openings are detailed in their official post.

Brad Garlinghous hired Stuart Alderoty, veteran legal expert and former General Counsel at CIT and HSBC.

“Welcome to Team Ripple, Stu! So glad to have such an esteemed financial and legal expert on this wild journey with us. Never a dull moment when working to change the global payments system as we know it!” Ripple’s Garlinghouse wrote.

Alderoty stated: “I am thrilled to join Ripple and work alongside this great team Brad has assembled as we find new ways to partner with leading policymakers and continue to create significant solutions for Ripple’s users and end-customers throughout the world.”

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